New Anckle

I was terrified of having an ankle replacement. Several articles I read and people I spoke to all said think long and hard before entering into this operation. I was told that I am in pain now but could be in just as much pain after or even more. Also I was told the risk of infection was high and If that was to happen then they would have to remove the ankle replacement and once recovered from infection they would fuse my ankle. So then I started looking at the success rate with this operation. It was then I discovered that this operation was still in its early stage and was being improved every year. It was then I decided to wait and seek alternative first.

Author: ancklereplacement

I am a professional lady in the Hair and beauty business. I am also a qualified residential social worker. Working with children and young adults trained to management level 4. It was during my time as a Senior social worker in the process of opening my own children home I found out I was suffering from R arthritis. Unfortunately this brought my life to a stand still. I ended up in a wheelchair and at one stage could only move my neck. It took a year to eventually get my RA under some soughed of control. By then the RA had destroyed both my feet. With several reconstruction to my feet all was fine until the RA destroyed my ankle. I refused for over a year to have an ankle replacement. The reason for this was all the negative reviews from this operation was horrifying. I read very little good coming from an ankle replacement . I started this blog because I can not think of one negative thing before or after this operation to say . So if your considering an ankle replacement please read my blog.

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